An application to awaken your children’s passion for writing

To your pens! If you’ve been waiting for the perfect way to encourage your children to write, it’s now available and easily accessible!

The Plume application is sure to delight you, your children and their teachers! This platform offers you a whole host of stories for your little ones to complete, forming a single narrative corrected and supervised by French teachers.

Encouraging youngsters to write

The aim here is to encourage younger children to start writing by stimulating their imagination and interest in language. Conventional methods no longer work. Indeed, the latest statistics show a considerable drop in students’ level of expression in junior high school, suggesting the presence of major gaps during their primary education. This is due to a flagrant lack of interest in reading and writing, in favor of digital tools such as tablets, smartphones and computers, which do little to improve their language skills. The Plume application aims to reconcile parents with digital technology, and children with the practice of writing. This original approach is sure to please everyone, offering fun alternatives to conventional learning systems.

The application is even likely to make its way into educational programs, facilitating the relationship of the youngest students to education and making teaching content more fluid. As a result, a large number of education professionals are increasingly keen to share the benefits with their pupils. The Plume application is beginning to prove a great success with a wide range of audiences, so we warmly invite you to take a look around and familiarize yourself further with this medium. We’re sure you’ll be won over by what’s on offer! Give your children a treat and guarantee them a good upbringing by registering for this application now!

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